Macon Municipal Utilities is one of the six oldest public utilities west of the Mississippi River, and the third oldest in the State of Missouri. Beginning operation in January 1890 as the Macon Light, Heat and Power Company, our first mission was to improve public safety by installing electric street lights.

Our goal is to provide our owner/customers with low rates, reliable service and clean, safe facilities that will make them proud.

Today, MMU remains one of a handful of utilities in the nation that provide nearly all the community's needs: electricity, natural gas, fresh water, and wastewater treatment.


Business Office: 106 W. Bourke Street Macon, MO 63552

Telephone: (660) 385-3173

Fax: (660) 385-6554

After-hours emergency telephone: (660) 385-2722

Office hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 am -5:00 pm

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Macon Municipal Utilities is an equal opportunity employer and promotes a drug free environment.

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Macon Municipal Utilities & the Board of Public Works 

Macon Municipal Utilities (MMU) is owned by the citizens of the City of Macon, Missouri. MMU provides natural gas, water, wastewater, and electricity services to its customers. Management of these utility services is provided by a General Manager who is under the direction of the four-member Board of Public Works (Board). The Board sets all policies, rules, regulations, and rates for each utility service in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations, laws, statutes, and ordinances. The members of the Board are appointed by the City Council upon recommendation by the Mayor.

Electricity is generated by MMU's 10 megawatt natural gas powered turbine generator located approximately four miles east of the City at the site of the Northeast Missouri Grain (NEMO) ethanol plant. Additionally, MMU purchases electricity from the Missouri Public Energy Pool (MoPEP) in Columbia, Missouri. MMU owns nine diesel generators for backup or peaking power. These resources are assigned to the MoPEP, and MMU receives capacity and generation credits for them. MMU obtains its water from the U.S. Army Corps or Engineers' Long Branch Lake located approximately one mile west of the City. MMU owns 4,400 acre-foot of storage in the lake, which provides approximately 36 percent more water than the City's normal usage.

How it all began: Before the advent of public power systems, square glass kerosene lamps mounted atop five-foot wooden posts lit Macon's streets. At dusk and dawn you could catch the lamplighter at work. Later, more efficient gasoline lamps replaced the kerosene ones. In 1889 Macon was paying only $700 for the year to light the City and a salary of $525 to the lamplighter. At the city election in January, 1890, Macon decided to put in 21 arc electric lights to burn all night, at a cost not to exceed $2,500 per annum. Better light provided more illumination primarily for safety.

In January 1890 the City approved an ordinance that allowed for the construction, maintenance, and operation of an Electric Works. In July 1890, with overwhelming majority - 636 of 645 votes, the amended ordinance included the bonds for both elecric and waterworks systems. 

In 1898 Colonel Blees proposed to donate $5,000 of the $20-25,000 needed towards the building of a city sewer system. A special election in December 1898 authorized the ordinance to begin the project. A six foot circular sewer, that would discharge 47,724 gallons of water per minute was built with 1,067,000 bricks needed to span the 7,498 feet. A two-thirds majority was needed, the vote was 711 yes and 8 no.

In 1956 Macon Gas Company offered to sell the City their gas plant and gas distribution system. The Board and City Council decided to purchase the natural gas company and make it a municipal utility operation under the Board. Macon was the first municipality in the state to sell revenue bonds to finance a natural gas system. However, the interest rate was high at 6.25% and people were hesitant to bid on these bonds. Macon extended a transmission main to the Panhandle Eastern gas pipeline twenty three miles south in Moberly. Macon repiped two thirds of the City at a cost of $600,000. Macon was the smallest city in Missouri to provide natural gas. 

In the past one hundred and fifteen years, Macon Municipal Utilities has made many improvements and much progress on all of the utility systems in the City of Macon.

The current General Manager and members of the Board of Public Works are as follows:

Name: Title:


Term Ends:
Stephanie Wilson General Manager    
Tim Watts President January 1, 2000 December 31, 2015
John Neer Vice President January 1, 2006 December 31, 2017
J.D. King Board Member January 1, 2009 December 31, 2016
Jerry Chezum Board Member January 1, 2011 December 31, 2014



Currently, there are several key projects being focused upon including long-term contractual obligations in KCPL's ITAN 2 project, a 900-megawatt plant addition near Weston, Missouri and in NC 2 (Nebraska City), a 660-megawatt addition to an existing plant near Nebraska City, Nebraska owned by Omaha Public Power District (OPPD); and an ownership share in Peabody Energy's Prairie States Energy Campus (PSEC), a new $2.2 billion, 1600-megawatt plant to be built near Marissa, Illinois.



Board of Public Works,
Meeting Time - 5:30 pm City Council Chambers,
106 W. Bourke Street,
Macon, MO 63552

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Macon Municipal Utilities, 106 West Bourke, P.O. Box 569, Macon, MO 63552
Phone: 660-385-3173 Fax: 660-385-6554


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